Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hello my fellow viewers!!
Its been quite some time since I posted here. Inspite of that, this will be another quick post!!

Its raining here in Bangalore, India. Lovely weather!! I couldn't find a better way to celebrate the rain!! My colours and a new found interest in another form of Community Art called "Madhubani", from Mithila in Bihar, India. Here is a peacock to show the celebration of today's weather: "RAIN"!!. Peacocks are generally known to sense rainfall, they spread out their feathers and dance when it is about to rain!!


How did you people like it??

Stay tuned for another page on Madhubani Extravaganza which will be up soon!! I would also love to know about  various facts on Madhubani!! Come up with what you know and contribute to my new page!!